About Us

Traditionally, we specialise in brochure distribution throughout Victoria and have display networks in Melbourne, Bendigo and Mornington Peninsula.

Our distribution channels

Our distribution network includes the following:

• 2-5 Star hotels
• Visitor Information Centre’s
• Major serviced apartments
• Motels
• Tourist Attractions
• Caravan parks
• Car rental companies
• Railway Stations
• Other places of interest

Why use us

Brochures provide great brand recognition. It will usually take the User several times seeing a brand before they choose to engage. 

75% of international visitors book activities post arrival.

We represent you to connect these visitors with your business. Providing your brand a physical presence at sites where tourists gather.

We do this with regular scheduled visits to our high traffic area brochure stands.

Our system provides a cost efficient, professional approach, freeing you up to to do what you do best – run your business.

We provide a complete collateral management service. From assistance with brochure design and printing, distribution, storage and mailing out to meet orders from Regional areas.

We have a network of brochure display stands in over 400 hotels, visitor information centres and key points of interest across Victoria. We maintain strong relationships with hotel staff who see us as an independent voice.