For DL: 3,500  (6000 if flyers)

Brochure size needs to be (WxH):

DL – 99mm x 210mm

A5 – 148mm x 210mm

A4 – 297mm x 210mm

We advise weight to be minimum 170gsm.

We can generally start as soon as the next day.

Yes, we send a warning email advising that stock levels are low. This is sent well in advance of stock running out.

All sites are visited on a regular scheduled frequency depending on their volume. Starting from twice per week in the busiest locations.

For an ongoing brochure, the minimum contract period is 3 months.

For a special event or limited edition brochure, there is no minimum contract period.

No, there is no extra cost to do this, but it will take 2-4 weeks to update in all sites.

No, for orders received outside the merchandised area we will send them and chargeback the freight costs incurred.

The costs would depend on the quantity and where they are to go to. However, the pricing is calibrated to be always cheaper than if you sent them out yourself using Australia Post (which is our preferred method).

Our regular distribution route doesn’t include these outlets, however it can be achieved on a request basis.

Research shows (or indicates) that brochures are one of the most effect methods to connect with visitors in-destination (or on the ground)

Yes, through our contacts in the printing industry we can source competitive quotes at no obligation. We do this to get you the best price, the best quality and to save you the run around.


You will need login details. If you don’t have any, please click here. If you have login details you can login at top right of website, complete your order and press submit. You will be sent an email detailing what you ordered for your records.

Best to allow 1 week, depending on the delivery address. If it is more urgent please let us know via email. We despatch at minimum every Thursday and often multiple days in the week.

Stock is sent to you at no charge to you. The freight costs are paid by the company that owns the brochure, that is happy to provide to reach new customers.

No, there is no limit. However, it is preferred that you only order what you need or deem to be a reasonable amount.