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Benefits of working with us

Connection to the Visitor through printed or digital media solutions.

Representation of your business as if we are a part of your team.

We are positioned as an impartial, independent voice with the hotel staff.

Brochure distribution

brochuresDM provides a consistent presence of your literature in positions of high foot traffic to reach your target market.

We do this in a comprehensive but economical way at a small fraction of the cost of a designated marketing person, leaving you time to spend on your business.

Our network of display stands ensures that only authorised brochures are present, providing maximum exposure.

Digital Media solutions

Our digital offering is constantly growing. Get in touch and we will give you a full brief on our digital capabilities.
More to come…

Collateral Management


Standard volumes are warehoused and stored at no charge. We can store excess stock at competitive rates and have it shipped anywhere on your say so. We provide a monthly stock count to keep you updated.


We regularly receive orders from outlets beyond the borders of our merchandised area which are usually sent out with other brochures to amortise the cost.

You can pass on any request for stock that you receive and we will deliver it at nominal rates which are set to be cheaper than if you sent them out yourself.

We can take care of all movement of your collateral.

Mail Outs

Bulk mail outs of your brochure to your specific list/target market.

Country Mail Out to Regional Visitor Information Centre’s.

Designated mail outs to a category of your choice.

Print Management

Next time you need to do a print run, ask us for a quote.

We have an extensive network of printers that we work with who can provide competitive pricing. We do the leg work on your behalf.

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Benefits of working with us

We provide information for guests with minimum input from staff. 

Our information ensures that the visitor is kept up to date with what is currently available to them in our great city.

This is a resource for your staff to use to ensure that the visitor/your guest makes the most of their stay with you.

Our replenishment during our regular visits is free of charge.

We also provide display stands in a quality to suit your surrounds, free of charge.

Ordering brochures online

It’s easy to order brochures through our online portal. All you need is login details which we can provide for you here.

All orders are sent to you free of charge and will generally arrive to you within a week of your ordering.

Once you complete your order and submit you will receive an email with detail of what you have just ordered.

Request a display

Would you like a display in your property – they come in all shapes, sizes and finishes to suit your property.

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